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Smart Positioners YT-3300 / YT-3350



– Torque motor technology with communications

Design features
Auto calibration :
– Simple menu structure with options to auto calibrate all parameters or zero and end points only.

LCD display :
– Alphanumeric digital display for process values and calibration.

Partial Stroke Test (PST) :
– Fully adjustable Partial Stroke Test. All functionality can be performed and selected locally, through push buttons, or remotely with communication protocol.

Feedback signal :
– Analogue and digital feedback signals with 4 to 20 mA, mechanical and proximity switch options (Limit switch options for YT-3300 and YT-3350 models).

PID control :
– Pre-calibrated and user configurable variables via front panel pushbutton menu.

Auto / Manual switch :
– Enables closed-loop automatic valve position control or manual positioning via the A/M switch. The manual mode is useful for troubleshooting, calibration, system testing or as a manual bypass.

HART® communication :
– Allows commands, position feedback and diagnostics to be sent digitally over the current loop.

Front panel pushbuttons for configuration :
– Four robust and positive acting pushbuttons for field configuration.

Remote Mounting Option (YT-3301 model) :
– Remote sensor via cable to enable the positioner to be mounted away from extreme temperature.