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Cr. GEMU Group



 Model: 65M, 66M

– Soft seated butterfly valves are designed for general applications such as on-off, throttling and isolation in residential, commercial and industrial piping systems. They are well suited for control of water, steam, air, oil and gases. The seat design is especially well suited for vacuum service to 28″ Hg and high velocity service.

– The dual durometer seat is made of a highly wear resistant elastomer with a phenolic backup ring. This combination provides a soft, elastic seat which will not collapse under vacuum or high velocity service and eliminates the need for flange gaskets. The stem seals consist of a primary seal between the spherical disc hub and the spherical seat hub. The secondary seals are O-rings at the top and bottom of the stem to retain lubrication and prevent atmospheric corrosion. The one piece stem is logoff proof. These valves can be furnished in a variety of trim materials. Ten position handles are available for manual operation as well as a gear operator with handwheel. Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators with solenoids, positioners and limit switches can be specified for automated operation.

ISO mount on 2″-36″. Double D shaft on 2″-8″. Keyed shaft on 10″-36″.

– Temperature limitations are dependent on seat and body materials and service conditions. For throttling service, line velocity should not exceed 20 ft./sec (6m/sec) for liquid and 15,000 ft/min (4.500 m/min) for gases. Corrosive media applications depend on trim materials selected.

– Individually Hydrostatically Tested

Body : Cast Iron, Ductile Iron
Stem : 416 SS
Seat : EPDM, Buna-N, NBR
Disc : Aluminum Bronze, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel