Product benefits

Check disc and closing springs made of stainless steel for high functional reliability and corrosion resistance
Cover removable for inspection
Versatile: Can be installed in vertical pipes with or without spring

Technical Data

Body design : Straight pattern body, Angle pattern body
Dimension standard : EN 558-1/8 ISO 5752/8, EN 558-1/1 ISO 5752/1
Valve disc/plug material : Metal-to-metal seat
Threaded-end design : Flange design
Body material (EN standard) : JL 1040, JS 1025
Main applications : Industry and process engineering, Oil / Gas, Building services
Body material : Nodular cast iron, Cast iron
Body/bonnet seal element : Externally confined seal

Main applications

Hot-water heating systems
Boiler feed applications
Chemical industry
Process engineering
Heat recovery systems
Sugar industry Fluids handled
High-temperature hot water
Saturated steam
Thermal oil
Liquids and gases not chemically or mechanically aggressive to the valve materials.

Design details

Straight-way or angle pattern with horizontal seat
Spring-loaded check disc
Flanges to DIN EN 1092-2 Type 21
  Exterior coating: blue, RAL 5002

Purchase order specifications
Please specify the following information in all enquiries or purchase orders:
1. Type
2. Nominal pressure
3. Nominal size
4. Material
5. Variants
6. Reference number