LL | LL4030 | Gate Valve


LL4030 1/2 ” To 4 ” 16 Bar Brass Gate Valve With Cast-iron Handle


Working Pressure :   16bar (232 psi)

Working Temperature : -10 ℃ to +120 ℃ (from 14℉ to 248℉)

Thread :  ISO228 (equivalent to DIN 259 and BS2779)



• Brass Valve Body: High-density forging, no blister, no air holes, no leakage.
Made by special high precision CNC machines.
• Brass Bonnet: Made of brass material in good quality to ensure wall thickness and is quite durable.
• Brass Valve Stem: Made of hot rolled brass with strong hardness and can effectivley avoid deformation and fracturing.
• Brass Gate: Made by special high precision CNC machines, the sealing surface is as smooth as a mirror
with excellent sealing performance.
• Filler: Made of PTFE in good quality, with excellent sealing performance to prevent leakage.
• Hexagaonal Nut: Made of brass material in good quality, with strong tensile strength,
Good toughness and without deformation and cracking after long-time use.
• Handle: Made of cast iron in good quality by casting, surface painting, not easy to oxidize and rot. Novel apperance and confortable using feeling.
• Stainless Steel Locknut: Internal design of anti-loose, can be used for long time.