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General Description
▪ Bellows-type globe valve
Valve for shutting of fluids in hot-water heating systems, high-temperature hot water systems, cooling circuits, heat transfer systems, and general steam applications▪ Reduced maintenance costs due to replaceable valve disc. Instead of replacing the complete upper section, only the valve disc is replaced if necessary.

▪ Function : Shut off/control flow
▪ Design concept Drive : With electric actuator, With handwheel
▪ Casing material : EN-GJL-250, EN-GJS-400-18-LT
▪ Nominal pressure : PN 16, PN 25
▪ Max. Nominal size : DN 350
▪ Min. nominal size : DN 15
▪ Max. allowed fluid temperatur : 350 °C
▪ Permissible operating pressure : 16 bar

Main Applications
▪ Hot-water heating systems
▪ Air-conditioning systems
▪ Boiler feed applications
▪ Boiler recirculation
▪ Chemical industry
▪ Process engineering
▪ Heat recovery systems
▪ Sugar industry

Fluids Handled
▪ High-temperature hot water
▪ Saturated steam
▪ Thermal oil
▪ Liquids and gases not chemically or mechanically aggressive to the valve materials.
▪ Other fluids on request.