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Technical Description
· Y-Strainer is are devices for mechanically removing solidsfrom fl owing media by means of a perforated or wiremesh straining element or basket, replaceable inline. They are used in pipelines to protect equipment such  as pumps,meters, manual and control metal seated valves, steam traps and regulators

· Body :Cast Steel(1.0619) –Stainless Steel(1.4308;1.4408) – Alloy Steel 1.7335(WC6)
· Bonnet :1.0460(A105) –F304/F316 – Alloy Steel 1.7357(F11).
· Screen: SS304-SS316.
· Face to Face according to EN558-1 Series 1
· Flanges according to EN1092-1: Butt weled to EN12627

· Steam / Water / Oil or gas where protection from foreignmatter in a pipeline is required.
· IndustryPower engineering / Cemical and petrochemical industry