Water Hammer-Free Aagle Seat Valve  : APK 21D


• This product is used to control on/off of pipeline. It is applied in many fields, such as food andbeverage, weave, printing dyeing and bleaching, sterilizer and autoclaves for hospitals and the pharmacy industry, industrial washing equipment and solvent recovery systems, machine tools. It car control the medium such as water, steam, vacuum and liquor.

Special Order

• Control function : normally open
• Double acting type actuator with no spring return.
• Electronic position feedback
• Manual emergency switch
• PPS actuator outer shell can adapt to+5~+130oC
• Pilot valve is suitable for NUMAR adaptor

Control Functions

• A : 2/2-Way Flow Valve With Normally Closed Spring Return
• B : 2/2-Way Flow Valve. With Normally Open Spring Return
• I : 2/2-Way Flow Valve. With Double-Acting Actuator


• Body Material : Brass , Stainless Steel
• Seal Material : PTFE
• Actuator Shell : Polyamide
• Ambient Tempreature : -10C + 60C
• Medium Tempreature : -10C + 180C
• Fluids :  Various Chemicals, Refrigerants, Ammonia, Dry steam