UNI-D | UW Series | NC



.UW series is direct, multiplex, connected diaphragm, conductive and normally

closed (NC) 2/2 way solenoid valve.

.Able to be operated directly under low pressure

.Availability of fluid type:water, air, light oil

.Acceptable for customization Viton (130℃) , Silicone (130℃) and EPDM (130℃)


.Before pipelining, the pipe line must be very clean without any contaminants or any other things not ought to be existed.

.To prolong the life time of the product, Y-line filter should be installed in the front end of solenoid valve.

.AC voltage tolerance:±10%;DC voltage tolerance:±1%

.It should be installed horizontally;vertical installation is not advisable.

Not Suitalbe For Fluid As Below:

.Liquid status when it is high temperature;solid status when it is cool.

.Corrosive fluid

.Viscosity over 20cst